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TASS Global Ltd pride themselves on bringing quality, innovative, affordable products and services to the end user.

New Product alert - introducing our Polystud Select Tactile System

polystud2 One of the most cost effective studs on the market today.

Our PolyStud Select is engineered and purpose built tough to withstand extreme point loading and side impact, even over asphalt. The unique formulation and large anchoring spigot not only ensures the product is made to last, it also protects the substrate from any possibility of damage. PolyStud is long lasting, resistant to heavy traffic abuse and maintenance machinery.

Easy to install with new patented Drill & Lock technology

No time wasting, instant Commissioning


The Professional Choice for

•  Tactile Studs   •  Corduroy Trims   • Demarcation Visual Tactile Systems
•  Anti-Slip Step Tread Inserts  •  Anti-slip Sanitary Resin Inserts  •  Anti-Slip Floor Signage


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"First impressions are lasting impressions"

  • Tactile Studs


  • Corduroy Trims


  • Step Tread Demarcations


  • Safety Signage


  • Visual Aids


  • Hazard Warnings 

Bringing the anti-slip and tactile industry into the 21st Century